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Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Rise of The Semantic Chainsaw

Another SemantiCure Medication - For your Own In-Sanity !

How to self-administer the Rise of the Semantic Chainsaw.
Watch it in a darkened and peaceful place with headers or volume on. At first, don't focus on anything, let the music, words, and meaning flow through you freely.
The more you watch it, the more the meaning has the potential to integrate your cognitive patterns or update them. The combination of inter-related layers of meaning using different medias may reinforce and accelerate your Semantic Cure.

Posology and potential side-effects.
You may feel dizzy, angry or low on energy, among many other possible counter-effects. These may be the symptoms of cognitive dissonance. If you feel something like that, it is really important that you place your awareness on this feeling, these thoughts, these crystallisations, aggregations of contradictory meanings...
Recognise it, embrace it, understand it, explore it.
This can be painful for your body and mind, so please, be careful with it. There are an infinite numbers of boundaries to cross, it's better to do it one at a time.
There are no limits to the mind, but never forget to consider your body and your Out-Sanity.
Slavespeak and semantics can provide harmful knowledge for those accepting their shackles without questioning them. It is probably not your task to question that for them. Sharing this kind of medication can be a dangerous poison, so please, always be respectful with your Self and other Selves.
One step at a time, meaning comes and shakes, in-vades and breaks...

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