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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Playing with Netention - Chapter 1

Netention Demo Link
Latest Netention update
Major changes
The self button is replaced by "team" and shows all users.
Filter boxes in the semantic explorer, allows to filter tags.

  • Screenshot of Map view filtered with the tag "human" :

  • Screenshot of Graph view filtered with the tag "human" :

  • Screenshot of a graphview of linked Needs and Cans:

  • Screenshot of a graphview of linked Needs and Cans after a few hours :

  • Screenshot of a graphview of Needs, Cans, Nots and Users :

  • It shows some of the Needs or Cans i expressed on my Persona linked with the needs of a Fictional Persona called "deus ex machina" that i tried to describe with NEED/CAN/NOT tags :

  • We also tried to describe an anonymous with some friends, which was pretty challenging for the imagination :

Will try to link this with other concepts by creating personas, maybe "starship", or "bootstrapping lunar industry", and so have a semantic focus and express its needs and cans.
We made something like the first LAN or hackathon on netention with friends this week-end.Was fun and worked well on a tablet.
It opens up interesting discussions, and i was glad to see a particular friend empowered.
He usually feels dumb and keeps saying he's stupid.
He kept talking about the potentials, and tbh, he thought about amazing stuff !
I would really recommend you to try, ask if you have difficulties.

This is great fun ! ;)

  • Graph view 12 hours later - tags : human, need, can

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