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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Subliminal Morse Medication

Was just thinking about an effect for my blog similar to the old film effect you can find on video editing tools such as kdenlive.

Something super subtle, like 1, maybe 3 points of brightness.
Actually in my videos, the setting is something like -3 to +1 brighness, and it seems enough.
(note : the setting for moving the screen is set to 0)

An interesting experiment would be to use morse code to spread sentences or words.

If we have a kind of sleeping memory of past lives, it may reactivate that knowledge after a certain exposure.
The brain may also register these patterns, allowing an accelerated learning of morse code.
If we unconsciously understand it, the meanings transmitted may resonate in the entire brain. Allowing to stimulate some cognitive patterns invoked by words, hence a possible semantic medication...

I'd like to try this with words like : meaning, perspective, detachment, empathy, curiosity, tolerance, openness, respect, love...

A kind of benevolent deconditioning subliminal method ?

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