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Monday, May 13, 2013

SemantiCure : 13 Free Roads to the Moon

How to self-administer 13 Free Roads to the Moon
You may want to watch it by bribes.
The music and text almost have a related semantic story, and the emotional intensity of the music may allow your mind to integrate the meaning coming from the Anatomy of Slavespeak in a maybe more pleasant way as well as connect this meaning to emotional states and melodies, which can only help in the learning process, or enstrenghten the existing neural networks for those already familiar with this material.

Posology and potential side-effects.
You are likely to fall asleep and bored to death unless you love post-rock and libertarian litterature...
Falling asleep being the cheapest medicine, we can only encourage you to do so !

For your Own In-Sanity.

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