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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Chromotherapy applied to Web Design

 Chromotherapy (wikipedia)

The last touch i made to this blog has been to change the white colour of the background. I find crude white too agressive, and when i wanted something white, but not too white on a website, i used to try various tones of grey...

This time, i took the colour value of the brightest place of the banner, and applied it to the background.
You can see the difference with the search and newsletter box, which must be white.
The values i used are really subtle : #fffef2, but i wonder if using warm colours instead of black as end-spectrum could have in impact on cognition, mood, etc...

The symbolic value of colours can be really important for some, especially synesthètes, and our brain, our eyes, detect the smallest differences and nuances...
Considering the time we can spend behind a white screen, that could have a significant impact.

Wanna try out ?

A line of code to change...
If the least effect is that a small percentage feel more comfortable with this, it would be worth trying.

Of course, an experimental protocol loaded with tons of data could help confirm the validity of this assumption, and develop a Chromato-Pharmacopoeia adapted to the web.
But is may as well already exist, seems quite obvious, we stare at it everyday !

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