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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Semantic Genesis - Seven Bells To Eternity


At first, there is a
Word, a Motion, a meaning, a cell, a movement, a spark, a Reality.
Earth, Sun, Self, plant, tree, cell, particule...


Consciousness, the distinction between a Self and its Context.
The Universe is a Context, every Particule is a Self.

Self Focus

The self aknowledge its Existence, its Roots, its Position and its Horizon.

The choices become more complex as the Context is
the co-creation of numerous Selves.

Semantic Focus
He then can decide which path to follow,
considering Context, Words and Other Selves.

Words become life-forms carrying Realities.


When a Choice is made, Duality appears.
Self versus Context,
Word versus Word,
or Self versus Self
as to question the Choice.

Birth of the Holy doubt

Constant struggle between a Good Self and an Evil Self in a long battle where these concepts will be destroyed and re-created in every Self in every instant.

The Selves who stop fighting these battles end up losing the
War of their own existence
and, aggregating non-solved dualities, will slowly
build their Own Private Little Hell.


From this Duality appears a Dialectical Dynamic.
The Self finds a balance between
Necessity and Creativity
Context versus Intentions

Sentient Selves share their notions of Good and Evil in a planetary scale.

Slowly, they get through Dualities and, by aknowledging,
then fighting inner fears and demons and embracing the Light they seek,
they can transcend themselves and discover new realities, new potentialities.
This process is necessarily collective as the Self Seeks balance with other Selves.
This process is both outward and inward as the Self compares Selves and Words with a
Self Focus
or a Semantic Focus depending on the situations and
the Semantic Tools he has access to.


The Self accepts the different meanings of its Choices and Words in its Context.
The apparent contradictions between
Inner and Outer Selves are now
accepted as inter-related realities..

Sentient Selves discover that Good Selves and Evil Selves are their own Co-Creations.

They consciously decide to use these notions as Divine Tools to transcend themselves.

This transcendance can be collectively achieved and
shared by developping a protocol designed to
transmit pure meaning as a

Sentient beings embrace their differences and recognise

the Divine Essence of Life

in their very words and actions.



The Doors of Reality are open.
The Semantic Alchemy emerges.
Boundaries become a Context
that can be crossed with the proper
Choices, Selves and Contexts.

The Word to Infinity processus is now a tool widely used and opens
infinite doors of potentialities to the cosmos.

From Word to Infinity, each Self becomes
The Womb of Infinite Potentialities.

Which has always been.

In any Word Lies the Universe.
And that is all we need to know.

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