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Sunday, May 26, 2013

New Social Media


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A technological leap for humanity is almost here! Combining ClimateViewer 3DClimateViewer ReportsNetention, and the best features from Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, this new system will change the way you view and interact with your world, forever. Our new website/mobile app integrates a plugin-free 2D/3D WebGL mapping system and the ability to view map contents in multiple innovative ways. Everything on our system is time dependent! The combination of location, time, intent, and content will deliver a new level of event reporting power to the masses!

The Global Survival System (GSS)

  • Emergency Alert System: Earthquakes, Severe Weather, Space Weather Disruptions (solar flares, radio disruption), Technological Disasters (chemical release, nuclear meltdown), and much more!
  • Real-time data display: Air Quality monitoring, Weather (radar, METAR, satellite imagery, ocean), vehicle tracking (planes, trains, boats, and drones?), electromagnetic and radiation monitoring. Ability to purchase your own sensor (chemical, visual, other), integrate into our network, and share your monitoring station data with the world! (Organic Network Sensor System, ONSS)
  • User reporting: via video, audio, and image attached to GPS location, time, and date (great for disaster response). Mobile app with “distress call” feature! (I am here, save me)
  • Community-building tools: location, commmunication (private, group, list, and chat, encrypted or anonymous if necessary), public relations, and recruiting. (Legitimize your activism!)
  • Combine the best features of Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, free from censorship. This will be the world's MOST PRIVATE SOCIAL MEDIA SITE!
  • The Greater Goal: Bring communities together to engage in civil discourse for the betterment of all.
  • See our brocure: netention_global_survival_system.pdf

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