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Friday, May 31, 2013

Apocalyptic Kurt and the Vengeful Girl

Additional Semantic Layer

Remix by a friend (thx mate !)

My Semantic Body is a Cage ~ My Mind holds the Hey

The key to Happiness and Balance may reside 

in an harmony between the In and the Out.
In-Sanity and Out-Sanity.

We make mental constructs to understand the world,
we map our knowledge of it.

And when our understanding is inaccurate or incomplete.
We feel uncomfortable.

Fear of the UnKnown
Fear to let it go...

My Semantic Body is a Cage.

My Mind holds the Key.

My Body and Mind are an Inner kingdom I can Build,
and Tools with which I can build the Real World.

And while writing my Inner Story,
i use my Hands to Write another Story.

Predate YourSelf

Embrace the Predator You are.
It is your Strength, not your Weakness.
It's up to you to use it to Create or Destruct.

Being in the Now,
Pushed by the Past,
Carried by the Future.

knowledge, past, traditions...

Life, love, future, hope, do, now...

Choice, strategy, agility, dialectic, balance, compromises...

You always have Ice at the Heart of Fire,
and Fire in the middle of Ice.
It's up to you to bring the Light.

Three core principles that i found a great help 
as a tool to analyse any meaning.
Hope it can help.

Our deepest Demons can be 
Our most Creative Inspirations.
It's just a Choice, Light.

What's Truth ? ~ When Dali meet Walt Disney meet McKenna meet God is an Astronaut ~ Forever Lost

"I live By Questions."
VideoSalvador Dali and Walt Disney
VoiceTerrence McKenna
MusicGod is an AstronautForever Lost

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Apocalypse Now !

This article is the perfect introduction to this topic, gratitude to Eimhin for sharing.
These eyes are for your heart, bro.
Be strong.

Get apocalyptic: Why radical is the new normal


"Feeling anxious about life in a broken-down society on a stressed-out planet? That’s hardly surprising: Life as we know it is almost over. While the dominant culture encourages dysfunctional denial—pop a pill, go shopping, find your bliss—there’s a more sensible approach: Accept the anxiety, embrace the deeper anguish—and then get apocalyptic."

"To adopt an apocalyptic worldview is not to abandon hope but to affirm life. As James Baldwin put it decades ago, we must remember “that life is the only touchstone and that life is dangerous, and that without the joyful acceptance of this danger, there can never be any safety for anyone, ever, anywhere.” By avoiding the stark reality of our moment in history we don’t make ourselves safe, we undermine the potential of struggles for justice and sustainability.
As Baldwin put it so poignantly in that same 1962 essay, “Not everything that is faced can be changed; but nothing can be changed until it is faced.”
It’s time to get apocalyptic, or get out of the way."

My reaction after reading this article :

What i find funny,
is that the word "radical" is actually a judgement,
a strong statement,
while it's a natural flow.
(i mean the distinction between the common use and the meaning)
I don't think we're radical.
Radicals are those hanging to old broken tools...

A reaction to this post about Netention Personas in actual prototype :

"Wow... Love the idea. So basically, it's a new P2P form of Bitcoin?Using Wikis? Am I understanding right?"
  • It's much more complex and simpler than that.
    In terms of user experience, it is like a Life Game.

  • What you need to understand is that it is a semantic datastructure, which means that one meaning = one unique object.

  • So if you tag this meaning as a need or something you can do, it is automatically connected to everyone who has used this meaning.

  • So forget administrations, papers, and imagine that the entire system is a game.A mix of Risk, monopoly, Civilisation, X3, the sims, sim city...

  • I'd be happy to help you in the process, any feedback is more than welcome.Understand that this is just the bones of the system, and we need everyone to bring a nervous system, flesh and blood to it.

  • This is an adventure we invite you to join.If this works, it will be the most amazing reality ever, and will last for ever.If it doesn't, you will just have learnt an enormous amount of useful stuff.

  • Also, semantics are the future of web.You want to build your future ?This is an opportunity.

  • As you can see, there is room for many more players :

  • What is the Price, the Goal, the End, the Check, the Profit ?Yours, Mine, Everyone's, Everything's...

Shall the Semantic Bells Ring for Eternity.

Netention GSS Demo ~ Global Surival System (progress)

SCREENSHOTS of the new Global Survival System in action!

- updated 5/30/2013 -

The Global Survival System (GSS)
version .10

  • GSS Login Screen

  • GSS Mobile View with Start Theme

  • ClimateViewer 3D Nuclear test explosions KML on OpenLayers 2D map

  • GSS Grid feed with Matrix theme

  • GSS prototype Mockup 2012

Crowdfunding Help Needed!
Jim Lee's New Social Media Tech Project

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Netention Personas : Development and Open Source University Needs and Cans

  • Netention Development Persona

  • Open Source University Persona

  • As the Graph view doesn't seem to handle actual data, i focused on CANS :

  • Then NEEDS : 

  • Then HUMAN (which actually represents all servers's personas) :

  • After adding lots of tags and making more semantic connections, the graph viewer has found a solution by separating the NEEDS from the CANS. This shows the NEEDS and CANS of the Open Source University Persona :

  • Open Source University Persona - Tags : Need, Can, Not :

  • Netention Development Persona - Tags : Need, Can, Not :

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Playing with Netention - Chapter 1

Netention Demo Link
Latest Netention update
Major changes
The self button is replaced by "team" and shows all users.
Filter boxes in the semantic explorer, allows to filter tags.

  • Screenshot of Map view filtered with the tag "human" :

  • Screenshot of Graph view filtered with the tag "human" :

  • Screenshot of a graphview of linked Needs and Cans:

  • Screenshot of a graphview of linked Needs and Cans after a few hours :

  • Screenshot of a graphview of Needs, Cans, Nots and Users :

  • It shows some of the Needs or Cans i expressed on my Persona linked with the needs of a Fictional Persona called "deus ex machina" that i tried to describe with NEED/CAN/NOT tags :

  • We also tried to describe an anonymous with some friends, which was pretty challenging for the imagination :

Will try to link this with other concepts by creating personas, maybe "starship", or "bootstrapping lunar industry", and so have a semantic focus and express its needs and cans.
We made something like the first LAN or hackathon on netention with friends this week-end.Was fun and worked well on a tablet.
It opens up interesting discussions, and i was glad to see a particular friend empowered.
He usually feels dumb and keeps saying he's stupid.
He kept talking about the potentials, and tbh, he thought about amazing stuff !
I would really recommend you to try, ask if you have difficulties.

This is great fun ! ;)

  • Graph view 12 hours later - tags : human, need, can

Monday, May 27, 2013

Netention Demo ~ Global Survival System

You can try out latest version of netention :

Connect with google account ot openID,

click on Self,

you can change your name, write a biography and add your e-mail.
Don't forget to save !

Then, click on the "+" next to your name or "anonymous" and search wikipedia and tag articles with the "+".

Available tags are NEED/CAN/NOT and student to teacher scale (that can be interpreted in many ways).
Click save, and the SCALED WIKITAG will appear on the left in you personal inventory.

This is the bones of the system.
Will you try to play and add some flesh and blood to it ?