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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Semantic analysis aka "Bullshit Detector" Design (Work in Progress)

Fundamental programming for human biocomputer.

"Those who control symbols control humanity."

Alfred Korzybski, founder of General Semantics

What if we take control of symbols ?
What if we create new ones ?

Slavespeak is Power

Bullshit detector

  • Slavespeak ontology, and a semantic miner that can scan any article and detect slavewords. It could underline such terms to bring awareness, give % of slavespeak uses, and even show a list of terms and concepts communicated through slavespeak, allowing to constantly adapt and evolve the slavespeak ontology.
  • Cognitive biases ontology, with the two combined, we can have a powerful semantic analysis tool that can automatically "debunk", or bring awareness on potential true intentions and misconceptions one can have.
  • Firefox/chrome plugin


  • All high-level descriptors get a 50% opaque window over the words
  • "Redacted" mode that 100% black bars the words (word-blocker)
  • Translation : slavespeak to freespeak (needs slavespeak dictionnary, or encyclopedia)
  • Time analysis : submit numerous texts from the same author to see evolutions in the amount of slavewords used
  • Semantic analysis : tagging of concepts used
  • Real-time Chat filter: Immediate translation from slavespeak to freespeak (notification is an option)maybe interactive translation, because there may be choices that need to be selected.

For more information, see this working document.


  1. High five, I can't wait to use this

  2. I think you'll like this website: