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Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Never-Ending Story

Along my wanderings, a friend once told me :

"We're not on the same planet !
Right now, i'm between a lake and a mountain."

"You're truely right." Did i answer.

You lost yourself on a distant planet while searching for Truth.
You think you found it, but there's no such thing as Truth, there is only Seek.
Are you still seeking, searching ?
Or endlessly exploring known territories ?
Hard paths and solitary places, but now that you know this, do you feel ready to embrace new ones ?
New places in your heart, your mind and your body ?
New loves, new friends, new skills, new knowledge ?
Forging your body and mind like a sharp tool at the service of others ?
And not a rusty tool at the service of your self ?

You're lost on your planet and with words, we are many trying to build a spaceship to come visit you.
Sadly your immune system is too strong for our vehicules, our words, and you throw them away without noticing it.
I'll keep trying building this spaceship (semantic ship ?) until you're here with us on earth, working on building a bigger spaceship where every individual on earth will have its place.
Wanna join us ?
You are more than welcome.

You may be physically and spiritually between a lake and a mountain, so it may be time to reflect on these paths.
Detachement and contemplation bring some keys, and you can experience it while meditating in the valley.
You can watch your reflexion on the water.
You can see the landscape, feel the breeze, the sun, hear
birds' songs, and you may end up knowing a whole lot of stuff about all of this.
You can also dive into one the lake and explore it, come back in-between, rest a bit, or even explore the mountains.
By doing so, you'll learn a whole new range of new skills.
It starts by fighting against gravity, staying at the top of the water, avoiding to get sucked up by the abyss while contemplating it with excitement and fear.
Then, you can swim and play with the abyss, watch it laughing.
You may want to explore under-water, and start to learn how to swim in this new 3D environment.
You learn new stuff about your body, you forge it.
Each time you face the abyss and try to explore it, you go a little further, hold your breath a little longer.
It is dangerous, you know you can die if you are not careful and forget about your body.
Your mind gets more and more focused as you get closer and closer to the abyss.
Your body becomes a distant tool...
Until your heart and your mind becomes the only thing you can be conscious about.
Now you got to a new state of consciousness, you are deep inside the abyss, in the depths of hell.

You succeeded in concentrating your mind into the smallest place you can imagine of.
This is a secret place filled with great wisdom but a place of great suffering.
You have to endure that suffering to embrace the knowledge.
And the greatest risk of this exploration, is to consider this as any form of Truth.
This is only one reality you created for your self.
But whenever you want, you can come back in the shore, there are friends and family waiting for you.
They have been waiting all this time for you to come back.
sometimes they go elsewhere, but they always keep a place in their heart for you.
Even isolated in the depths of the abyss, some light can reach you.
A little, fragile, tender light made of pure love.
The wise meditating in the abysses is like an inner sun that radiates so much he can be blind to these little lights.

And there are also the mountains.
Mountains that grow up every time it is climbed.
When you feel strong enough to start climbing it, and stop playing on the shores and the plain, you start exploring with friends and by your own.
Little by little, you become stronger and get a little further everyday.
One day, you decide with a couple of friends to go for a week-long walk to get to a particular point, higher than you never went.
After a long and exhausting ride, where individual and collective skills dance together in a precarious balance, you get to the top.
And you get vision, you manage to see more horizon, more distance.
You get perspective and you benefit from the perspectives of your friends in this shared moment of joy and awe.
After that, you can decide to become a better climber.
Get higher, alone or in team.
Explore new heights, new possibilities, building up paths as you go.
Each time you go back in the valley, you share your stories and visions, you help others map the territory.
And there are a few crazy explorers, who need an experienced team to get to the top of the highest mountain.
Their symbiosis as a team and with their environment allows them to endure deadly dangers.
Many died doing so.

And when they come back, they bring amazing stories.
Like for the abyss, one can easily lost himself in these wonderful landscapes, alone or with others, and forget to share stories with the persons in the valley.
But still they exist and are loved. Their presence, their lifestyle is an inspiration for the individuals in the valley, a possibility, an opened door, a choice.

Space explorers live a powerful experience once they see Earth from space, they get an amazing and humbling perspective, they realise our unity and diversity, and they make happen some of our most crazyest potentialities. This is made possible by the strenght and complementarity of a team.

Spiritual beings and consciousness explorers live powerful experiences by exploring the self, they realise the unity in everything, and find ways to heal the body and soul as well as make happen some of our craziest potentialities.

Most live in the valley and between the abysses and the heights.
Really few manage to get to the depths of the abysses or to the heights of the mountain.
Fewer manage to come back and share stories to the valley.
Even fewer manage to explore the abysses as well as the mountaintops.
Rare are those who can instantly travel from the abysses to the mountops to the valley.
Rarer are those who can have their body, mind and soul in the abysses, the valley and the mountain tops at the same time.

The valley needs stories to open up possibilities, explorers of the unthinkable...
The valley creates its own stories made of all these possibilities.
The valley is the womb of potentialities.
It is where the magic happen, where the semantic alchemy takes place and gives birth to new realities.

There's fire in the depths of the abysses, and ice in the middle of the sun you're trying to reach out by climbing the mountains.
Both communicate in an endless loop on which you can travel until you manage to become the loop.
From fire to ice to fire to ice...
From knowledge to experience to knowledge to experience...
From word to meaning to word to meaning...
Until you close the loop and become the cycle.

So, where are you ?
In the valley, the abysses, the mountaintops ?
All at once ?

Are you burning or freezing ?
Are you burning cold or freezing hot ?
Did you find the right temperature for you ?

Would you recognize the stories ?
Would you write your stories and share it with the valley ?

Do you prefer to swim or to climb ?

Visuals from : -  Text : Nicolas "Nirgal" Hel

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