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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Netention Telephony Integration System (NTIS)

A new Volunteer has joined netention's effort and is working on a Netention Telephony Integration System (NTIS).

  • Description

The alert should be played in netention as to cumulate communication ways.
The user subscribes to alert types + communication types.
Could be :
Phone message, phone call, mail, wifi alarm clock, personal alarm/sensor..
Also, the alert should be a possible input in netention.
I think the ideal is to incorporate as much options and possible steps in the system to facilitate cross-protocol communication and reduce communication friction.

  • Situation awareness/Crisis scenario

A girl walks alone in a dangerous place at night, the system has already warned her, as the place has been tagged as dangerous at night.
She is then ready to press a multi-position button on her smartphone or personal alarm/sensor or whatever gadget.
This button allows her to input in an instant the urgency of the danger and the felt quality of the danger (low to high).
The signal is sent through all available channels (phone call, sms, mesh network, wifi, bluetooth...) and received by every "superhero" that is nearby.
The system links the heroes together and suggests actions plans. While they get to the place and gather, they can communicate, organise, call backup through personal networks...
Call that fast organised milices or what you want, i'd say it's only caring and social responsibility enhanced by technological means.
The life of one is the responsibility of anyone who cares.
Those who don't give a damn and want to avoid danger can still avoid that reality.

So, to make this work, almost every connection must be automated through netention.
A good user-experience (and maybe technology in general), should aim at lowering the time between a choice and an action.

  • Technical Details

This system will utilize Asterisk 11 to send out voice calls and SMS alerts to the PSTN. NTIS will act as a separate entity from NetentionJS. NTIS will host a webserver that will utilize the Asynchronous Javascript Asterisk Manager so Netention will be able to send messages to Asterisk’s manager API (AMI) using simple http get and/or posts. This is a dynamic API that is definable by programming the Asterisk dialplan to interact with it as desired.

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