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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Discussing with Abdul about Life and God

Along my wanderings, i came to meet a man who praised Allah through the Prophet's Words.
As my Belief was mostly about Doubting, i was uncomfortable at first sharing thoughts with someone using words such as "belief", "God", Truth...
But soon enough Abdul opened an interesting Door in my belief system, and a semantic bridge between us.
After a minor misunderstanding about his academic studies, i confessed to Abdul :

"That doesn't matter to me at all, i see in you a splendid Co-Creator, and that's all that matter.

I use the term Co-Creator, because i think it is more relevant as our creations are semantic alchemies of what our Selves have perceived, both internally and externally.
Creation would be that first sound, that first word from which our Story unfolds. So we Co-Create, as We are the splendor of that image, and so we can Co-Create new Realities, I think this is what heavens are about.
Realising our unity and the Sacred in every aspect of existence.

Sharing these words with you is a miracle in so many aspects.
We are already New-Born Gods, we shape the world, we shake its foundations, and still we learn, and we're going faster.
The entire Universe plotted so that we can talk together, my Friend, my Brother.
I feel already thankful and my heart is full of gratitude.
Now it's up to us to give more to Life, more to the Universe, more to God.
United, we stand, separated we fall."

But a question remains : 

Is "Creation" a memory of the first sound of the Universe, God or whatever ?

Or is it a memory of our first sound, the first articulated Word ?
Could this memory of the first meaningful Word so deeply intricate with our semantic existence that we consider a "Creation" necessary for the Universe to exist ?

Could it be our last Bias ?
Our last misconception about Life and the Universe ?
Our last shackles ?

What if there was no Creation ?
What if time is a Cycle relative to its Context ?
Material World may have started with Selves struggling in a context...
Spiritual Words may have started with the acknowledgement of both the Cycles (astrology, etc) and the Context (the Universe, God)...

What about Co-Creating Spiritual Worlds ?

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