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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Discussing with Raffael about Life

Along my wanderings, i met Raffael, a Semantic Alchemist and Co-Creator of Realities.

We happened to continue the discussion started with Abdul, may Allah guide his Steps.
(hope the semantics are contextually right :) )

[R] = Raffael
You said :
"What if there was no Creation ?What if time is a Cycle relative to its Context ?Material World may have started with Selves struggling in a context...Spiritual Words may have started with the acknowledgement of both the Cycles (astrology, etc) and the Context (the Universe, God)...
What about Co-Creating Spiritual Worlds ?"

Thank you for a new perspective on "united we stand, divided/seperated we fall" - it has been mis-used a lot in a narrow-minded (group-based/conflict-based, militaristic) context. However, seen from a higher perspective, it could read :
"united [with ourselves as all-that-is] we stand [connected through love within the joy of life], separated [from ourselves as all-that-is] we fall [into despair as we feel isolated and can't derive a higher purpose of life]".

[N] = Nirgal
Thanks for the additions, this makes lots of sense.

How do you define spiritual worlds?

Well, at first it was only a willing to play with words. :)
Then i had to find a meaning to it, and it made sense.
This is the semantic alchemy formula i used :

Material World + Spiritual Words = Spiritual Worlds

What makes most sense to me is that creation is built on very few core principles such as those I mentioned in my poem : the Laws of Creation, to allow for most flexibility of co-creation for pretty much everything else - including any reflections in all realms whether perceived as physical or astral/spiritual.

The question is whether these rules apply to all-that-is, but answering with "yes" is what all re-ligious [meaning re-connection, same meaning as "yoga"] teachings point towards.

Especially if you consider that all-that-is IS all-that-is and so there is no-thing which does not exist.

If it were some-thing, it would exist within all-that-is?!

Nothing is no-thing - and the "undefineable" is the zero/source point from which every-thing is generated?

As I assume perceive everything to be consciousness, isn't there at least a cyclic relationship between the material and the astral/spiritual realm - and isn't this "ligne de démarcation" pretty arbitrary?

Well, i think that by material and spiritual i meant the potential of sentient being compared to what the beings we are composed of and/or affected by.
What we are made of can affect us as well as we can make the choice to modify, train, or destroy it.
The distinction i see is only about Choice, which happens with faster cycles with sentient consciousness and the ability to interact with self and the context, and modify both.

Ainsi, la ligne de démarcation réside dans le Choix, et le Contexte est le "monde matériel".

Is what we commonly refer to as the material world not simply the "consensus reality" we have chosen to believe/trust in?

I think this is partly true, but will soon become our daily reality. It already is in a sense.
We make our reality as we shape the world, and technology and engineering is mostly about accelerating the time between a Choice and a Result, as well as the scale and scope.
Our Choices become more and more important as their impact and consequences become more tangible, mostly thanks to communication systems and protocols.

As people start to believe/trust more in certain phenomena or beings, shouldn't they become more "tangible" automatically as their conscious intent allows them to emerge in their reality?

We already do that.
Books and words and stories have carried realities along the ages, and made happen lots of things, because these stories became stronger each time they have been shared and told.
What took thousands of years to happen on a global scale with words, took centuries with hand-written books, decades with printed books, years with press, hours with telegraph, instantly with radio and television...

And with internet ?
We are working together at a global scale, in real time.
Anyone can already create any reality and share it with the world instantly.
We'll just get better and better, and it's gonna get faster and faster.
For those who want to live that reality.

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