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Monday, June 3, 2013

Discussing With Ivan about Life

Starting Topic 
Semantic Cosmology ~ From Word To Infinity

Ivan: so, they concluded that higgs bosson really exists
Ivan: i don't understand why noone investigates a life phenomena
moi: what do you mean ?
how this relate to life ?
i think it also relates to thougths
that's what i try to explain
with lots of words
and without concluding anything
Ivan: i have some theory about life
like the brain is a sense that points to some shared new dimension of thoughts which we all share alltogether
moi: yeah
i think i see it the same
nice words

Wikipedia Definition : Eye of Horus
There are seven different hieroglyphs used to represent the eye, most commonly "ir.t" in Egyptian, which also has the meaning "to make or do" or "one who does".[5] In Egyptian myth the eye was not the passive organ of sight but more an agent of action, protection or wrath.

Ivan: maybe we all go to unified mindscape when we die
moi: i think we live in other's memories
and thourgh their perceptions and actions
like sometimes i feel the strenght of my grandad
as if i was him
same for some authors
like nietzsche
and many fictional characters
so as long as we touch others
we never die
we are already immortal
in a semantic sense
and i find it more beautiful than any other explanation

From Word to Infinity, each Self becomes 
The Womb of Infinite Potentialities.
Which has always been.
In any Word Lies the Universe.
And that is all we need to know.

Ivan: so, where were we before we were born?
moi: i don't know
a potential
depending on the context, the words and the selves
that slowly build us
at the start we're only potential
created by love
or hate
or lust
and that makes a part of us
that we can always transcend
by destroying and re-creating our selves at each instant

My Body and Mind are an Inner kingdom I can Build,
and Tools with which I can build the Real World.
And while writing my Inner Story,
i use my Hands to Write another Story.

Ivan: may i ask U an unplesant question, I'm curious about something
moi: sure
you can ask me anything
Ivan: where is life born? in prostata?
moi: or tell me any thought
i have no clue
why would it be un unpleasant question ?
Ivan: i dunno, maybe for someone
moi: ha
i see
do you know that the ovula
in the woman's womb
can actually provide all chromosomes
whereas the spermatozoid only provides half
if he has less than 22
the ovula completes it
i shared an article about that on gs list
months ago
so beautiful
maybe that could partly answer your question
Ivan: well, i'm stunned by the fact that noone didn't thoroughly investigated the most intrigable place in human body, the place where spermatozoids are created
moi: yeah
maybe there are tons of stuff about it
didn't dig that yet
only remember old lessons
and recent research articles
Ivan: do spermatozoid have DNA?
moi: yeah
i think so
every cell has dna
that has lots of potentials
any cell has the information of all the organism
by i don't know if a spermatozoid contains the data for an entire organism
like us
or if it needs the ovula
to have the complete data
Ivan: there is some transformation in zigota (fertilized cell) like when frogs become frogs from that head-tail beings
moi: ok
Ivan: but that is in this life
god knows what are other dimensions before and after life
simply, i don't believe that all is chemistry and physics
moi: yes
seems unlikely
there seems to be some magic
Ivan: i feel like there is some unified consciousness, like a borg

"I live By Questions."
VideoSalvador Dali and Walt Disney
VoiceTerrence McKenna
MusicGod is an AstronautForever Lost

but lot of questions there
moi: yeah
no answers
only seek
and more questions
Ivan: how it is created, what for
moi: i think WE are the ones giving meaning to everything
it's just there, in the air, we catch it and absorb it
Ivan: maybe it created itself like math numbers that grow from zeroes
and maybe rules are to be altered by thinking of all living beings
moi: yeah
at the cosmic level
and at the inner level
with introspection, each time we find a rule, we end up breaking and transcending it, so i think we will always move forward, as long as we don't crystallize our knowledge, and always question it...

It is your Strength, not your Weakness.
It's up to you to use it to Create or Destruct.
Our deepest Demons can be 
Our most Creative Inspirations.
It's just a Choice, Light.

Ivan: i had some experiences with inner world dealing with magic
this summer
moi: cool !
Ivan: i suspect now that magic helped einstain to discover e=mc2
moi: yeah, he wrote about that, how he got to his theories
Ivan: i think that is why atomic consenquences are so ugly for living beings
moi: nothing rational
how would you explain this ?
cause it may also be a necessary ingredient of life
Ivan: maybe it is about creation
did U noticed that shamans and bioenergetic people don't have kids?
like they are afraid of siam twins or something
moi: Really ?
Ivan: just some patterns i recognized in my life, i'm not sure if it is true
moi: i think that is more than worth considering
Ivan: and this summer, when I dealt with strange things in and out my mind, when magic came in, I was scared to shit if I will have healthy kids
moi: really ?
i've seen magic as well
but it's more like i'd like to make love with the universe
for more magic to happen
scared me to death when i was child
especially the boundaries between the magic and what some call the "real world"
now i love it
and having fun with it
but i had to go deep in trouble to find a balance
i hope i can find healthier ways
Ivan: some thing is happenning with drugs and magic
moi: yeah

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